Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts or submit a testimonial below. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

Submit a Testimonial

When I called Cartmell-Davis I was at a total loss! My husband was gone. My priest out of town. And my home way too small. To clarify the third, I should say that while I had some dealings with funeral directors in the past, they had been minimal since all my family had been buried from home and I was a bit resentful of the fact that due to the size of our house this would not be possible. As well as being saddened over the loss of my husband I had a chip on my shoulder. Within moments of meeting with John Vincent the chip vanished, and the sadness and confusion became more manageable. I had some definite ideas, not all of which fell in line with traditional guidelines; the involvement of our entire family, custom designed prayer cards, dual site visitation and internment in a cemetery that was some distance and whose staff proved to be a mite difficult. In every case these were met and, in some cases, exceeded by John, Jeff and the staff of black suited guardian angels: Sal Armenio, Matt Crump, Richard Holland, Joey Warnock, Dennis Hoffer, Michael Kennedy and Barry Wood who surrounded us over the next few days. To even begin to list all the ways in which they smoothed the path to the final farewell I desired for Jim would take pages, so I will just say that Jay and I felt enveloped by a blanket of love from our first meeting to the delayed internment. A feeling that continues each time (sadly Jim was only the first of a series of losses from our parish) we see them. Our deepest gratitude and affection are with to these fine folk for all that they have done and continue to do for our family.

Prudence Young Darigan

November 12, 2022

This thank you is long overdue. Heidi and the staff at Cartmell-Davis are caring, compassionate, professionals! My mom passed away in April, and since we were just coming out of the throngs of COVID, planning for her wake and funeral were complicated. Heidi made everything so much easier and she went the extra mile to alleviate our concerns and presented us with the most thoughtful service my family and I could have ever imagined. So many of our friends and extended family commented on how lovely and professional the service and staff were. When my immediate family walked in to see our mother, we were surrounded by thoughtful, caring touches, from the separate video room, to the bathrooms that were well equipped with hand sanitizers, soaps, and toiletries. But the most thoughtful surprises were the personalized guest book and blanket they had made with pictures of my mom and our family laid beautifully across the back couch for all to see. It was a lasting gift that my step-father proudly displays on a couch in his home that we enjoy seeing upon each visit. Cartmell-Davis also prints the most beautiful thank you cards and memorial cards. I can’t tell you how many family and friends commented on their uniqueness. It may have taken me a few months to put this in writing, but I wanted you to know we were so entirely grateful for the level of care and professionalism that we received. The extra touches made a very tough time manageable. You took away the worry and burden and allowed us the time to gather together in remembrance without external worries. Thank you for everything you did to make the celebration of my mother’s life peaceful and beautiful. Forever grateful, Judy Dixon on behalf of the Patricia Riley family.

Judy Dixon

October 19, 2021

I would like to thank you gentlemen on the outstanding handling of the Scarpaci funeral. Your proffesional ism, dedication and the dignity and respect you shown from start to finish. My wife and the Scarpaci family are extremely grateful for the way everything was handled. You have are heartfelt thank you for an outstanding job. Thank you

Richard j souza

October 30, 2020

Thanks so very much making one of my husband's favorite hobby a big part of his memorial service. I plan on being a future customer when I pass, and when the time comes, and I am also cremated, I will have my husband's urn and mine buried together ❤. I have recommended your business name at least once a day because you did a outstanding job. You carefully listened to my memories of Brett and transformed the viewing room and our pictures into something special. Thank you again.

Nancy Allen

September 03, 2020

Kathy and staff were very professional and efficient. Social distancing and safety procedures were done at all times. Thank you Kathy for a job well done

Brian Alosi

August 05, 2020

I could not put into words how thankful my family and I are for the staff at Cartmell -Davis. My mother passing away unexpectedly in Florida and wanting to have her services in Plymouth created an overwhelming sense of stress in the middle of such pain and grief. The warmth, care and love Kathy , John and their staff took to make sure her funeral services were beautiful and seamless is immeasurable. From getting her home to creating the most extraordinary guest book, displaying her memories, making sure everyone was comfortable and felt at home . Everything was beyond expectation. We received much praise from all about the day. Our family and guests left with a certain sense of peace, and comfort knowing all that was done to make our last goodbye so beautifully memorable. Thank you so much for everything! With Love, Kara Parks, Brad Cushing and family.

Kara Parks

August 16, 2019

In behalf of the Tavares family, I would like to thank everyone at the Cartmell Funeral Home for their services at this difficult time for us. Dealing with the loss of such a huge pet if our family was so hard, and I honestly didn’t think anything could help ease the pain. Kathy and her staff went above and beyond. We didn’t know where to begin and she was able to guide us through every step of the way. We were so pleased with everything! Every little detail was taken care of from water and tissues, to the utmost respect and kindness from everyone. We felt we were in the comfort of our own home. The guest book is absolutely amazing. Thanks again for everything!

Andrea Tavares-Younie

May 03, 2019

I would like to thank John Vincent for his kindness and compassion in helping with my Fathers arrangements. .It brought back the memory of Paul Santos' extra care he took when my Mother passed away. he was a deciding factor why I kept my Fathers pre-planned arrangement with your funeral home. his professionalism and compassion made our your loved one seem like family to him and not just a business agreement. Thank you, John Fontes

john fontes

March 17, 2019

I wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did with my mother's arrangements. What a nice surprise it was to see the beautiful personalized guest book, the place mats, the puzzle, the brochures, etc. It was all so beautifully done and it made the day very special. Thank you for all the thoughtful input. It made the day a true celebration of my mother's life.

Kim McLaughlin

March 14, 2019

I want to say Thank you from my family to yours. Today, we had my brothers celebration of life. Cartmell made this day the most amazing celebration. From the intital family meeting, the legacy, the photo books, the gorgeous blanket, to the church. Cartmell went above and and beyond. Thank you so very much!

Meghan Costa

February 23, 2019

Our family used Cartmell-Davis funeral home after the recent and sudden passing of our mother. Throughout the wake, funeral and even the reception we had multitudes of people telling us we did such a great job personalizing each service for our mother. None of us could take an ounce of credit. Cathy and the rest of the staff went above and beyond to create such a beautiful and perfect snapshot of my mother's life. In a situation where you can barely think of the next 5 minutes, I had an instant trust in Cathy, as she took over every facet of a difficult situation and removed all worry. i cannot say enough about how touched we were by their compassion and attention to detail. We held a post reception gathering at a local restaurant and Cathy even had personalized coasters and bookmarks there for all to take. It truly blew us away. We will look back fondly on how beautifully our mother's services were and we owe a great deal of that to the amazing people working at Cartmell-Davis. I would recommend anyone use their funeral services in remembrance of their loved ones. It was truly memorable and amazing. Thank you Cathy. Your hard work meant more to our family than you'll ever know.

Colin McWilliams

January 26, 2019

My family has used Cartmell Funeral Home several times over the years. Kathy and her team are kind, compassionate, and make things go as smoothly as possible, during a difficult time. Their facilities are top-notch, and there are so many options to truly make services just what you and/or your loved one wanted. Considerations are made for all involved in the planning process, and the day(s) of the service(s) are some with great care and attention to detail. I recently lost my mom, and Kathy helped me so much throughout. Highly recommend Cartmell-Davis, you will be in good hands!

Amanda Singer

October 16, 2018

I had never fully appreciated the role and significance of a funeral director and more importantly one who is so caring and experienced until recently when I helped my mom plan the funeral services for my father (Christopher Curran). From the moment we met with John Vincent and the staff at Cartmell, my mom and I knew we were among a compassionate and empathetic staff. A staff whose expertise- in every sense of the word is rather impressive. The Funeral director brought us through the planning process for the viewing and service. He discussed possibilities for the services that we would never have thought of, but ones that meant so much to include. Additionally, we knew we wanted to incorporate some very special requests my father had made as well as requests from family members. The staff made sure every request was granted- from the Gregorian Monk chants during the viewing to the Highland bag pipe player at the service-and so much more. Throughout the process, the Cartmell staff were so wonderfully patient and accommodating. Due to their knowledge and professionalism we had the most beautiful services that truly honored my father. Our family’s gratitude to John Vincent and the staff at Cartmell goes well beyond their planning and tending to the various details ( which included the announcement in the local paper – to handling the military honors, prayer cards, and the program for the service - which my mom asked for almost last minute). Our gratitude, and this I emphasize, also extends to the peace of mind we had during this time due to the compassion and care we received from the Cartmell staff which truly eased our burden and allowed us to celebrate my father’s life and equally important, allowed my family to provide support to one another. Every aspect of the viewing and funeral were so tastefully carried out and incredibly beautiful. It was something my father deserved for all he had given our family and we are forever grateful to Cartmell Funeral Services– especially John Vincent, Mary Aveni and Sugar. Thank you- Robynne Ryan Lambert

Robynne Ryan Lambert

October 12, 2018


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